Could your patient with unexplained heart disease have an undiagnosed rare disease?

free webinar on Fabry disease and the heart
March 25, 2021 - 19:00 CET

Takeda invites you to a scientific webinar on Fabry disease, intended for cardiologists. The 1-hour webinar will feature information & insights on Fabry pathology, cardio- diagnostics & current therapies. The presentations will be completed with real-life patient cases.

Although Fabry disease (FD) was identified a century ago, it is still a challenging condition to diagnose and treat. Patients traditionally are suffering from a considerable delay before a diagnosis is made. Cardiac involvement is the current leading cause of death in FD. However, an increase in functional clinical awareness could lead to a rapid growth in the prevalence of FD. This webinar, led by Prof. Antoine Bondue, Dr. Wim Terryn and Dr. Matthias Dupont, is providing an outline for the cardiologist and summarizes the pathology, the cardiovascular consequences there of, modalities used in diagnosis and current indications for treatment.



Dr. Matthias Dupont; Cardiologist-heart failure specialist-ZOL Genk
Audience poll based on a patient case – 5 min


Dr. Wim Terryn; Nephrologist-Fabry specialist-Jan Yperman Ieper
Understanding the pathophysiology of Fabry disease and current therapies - 20 min


Dr. Matthias Dupont; Cardiologist-heart failure specialist-ZOL Genk
Rare diseases in clinical practice. Presentation of patient cases with different entry (LVH, unexplained CKD, rhythmic disorder ...) – 15 min


Prof. Antoine Bondue; Cardiologist-specialist congenital heart disease, cardiovascular genetics & pulmonary hypertension – ULB Erasmus Brussels
How to reach the diagnosis of Fabry disease for the general cardiologist? Focus on the red flags and screening opportunities - 20 min


Caveats - 10 min



Dr. Matthias Dupont

Cardiologist - ZOL Genk

Dr. Wim Terryn

Nephrologist - Jan Yperman Ieper

Prof. Antoine Bondue

Cardiologist - Erasme Brussels

C-APROM/BE/FAB/0001 February 2021